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Archive for March, 2008

Do hounds like sounds?

March 27th, 2008

Piano dog

Dogs have a very impressive sense of hearing. Their ears are many times more sensitive than ours. But does that mean dogs can appreciate music? I think it’s quite plausible. After all, dogs have been known to howl along to songs.

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Share a loo and improve your relationship

March 25th, 2008

Sure, their Human Rights track record looks dingy at best but apparently marital bliss is top of the list for these folks. This nifty, and albeit strange, Chinese invention promises to smooth over a tense marriage.

Well, it’s a twin toilet, kinda like a love-seat except you don’t neck. And let’s face it, no one’s going to cuddle on that two-seater.

Twin toilet

It’s called TwoDaLoo (yes, you can cringe) and allows both spouses to use the toilet at the same time. And apparently it’s eco-friendly too, where twin bowls of the toilet are cleaned with a single flush.

It’s labeled a well meant effort to bring down emotional walls and get each other to communicate. Not unlike the awkward elevator moments when you have to make small talk and pray for no embarrassing moments.

So in the end, whoever cleans the bathroom has twice as much toilet scrubbing to do?

And you thought leaving the toilet seat up was a nightmare.

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Historical and influential people’s painting

March 23rd, 2008

You know how there are loads of fantastic artwork around and as you browse through them, a little voice in you says “Man, how did they do that?”

Well, I stumbled onto discussion about a recent oil painting and, if you don’t mutter “wow” when you see this painting, then you’re probably were choking on gum… or dead. Or both! Haha…

Influential people

It’s a huge oil on canvas work by Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An in 2006 where they have painted major historical figures from our time. Talk about jazzing up a history lesson! I’ve included a snippet of the picture I found, just click on this link for a larger image, complete with image maps and wiki links to find out more information about those influential people.

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Weird excuse to get out of work

March 23rd, 2008

We have all done some pretty stupid things to get out of work before, like calling in with the excuse that the dog was hit by a car or a grandmother died. Believe me, I have used some weird excuses also, but nothing beats this man in Pasco, Washington. He took it a few steps too far when he had his friend shoot him in order to get out of taking a drug test at work.

Work place

Yes, this is in fact a true story. In order to get out of a drug test he was going to take at work, Daniel Kuch called the police and told them he had been shot by someone in a dark car. After investigating, however, deputies discovered that this story didn’t make sense. It then came out that Kuch had a friend shoot him so that he would be injured and able to stay away from work long enough for any drugs to leave his system. Both men have since been arrested, and hopefully others will learn a lesson from this situation. Working sucks, but serving jail time sucks a whole lot more.

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Extreme shadow puppets

March 19th, 2008

The most complex shadow puppet I’ve ever pulled off was something that looked like a slightly deranged bunny rabbit. Like most of you, I’ll still throw up the occasional the lame quacking duck when I happen to be strategically positioned during a Power Point presentation, but all of that pales in comparison to Raymond Crowe.

This guy takes the idea of shadow puppets to a whole new level with this piece to “A Wonderful World”.

Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

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I laugh this game

March 18th, 2008

Playing professional basketball at the highest level is no laughing matter. Or maybe sometimes it is.

In this picture, Kyle Korver of the NBA’s Utah Jazz seems to be having a sudden attack of the giggles while trying to play defense.

Kyle Korver
“Haha! I think I ate something funny earlier.”

NBA fans have long noted that Kyle Korver looks a lot like popular actor Ashton Kutcher, who is best known for his role as Michael Kelso on the hit comedy TV series, that ’70s Show. So maybe Kyle was just channeling his inner Ashton right there.

Most of you probably find the picture funny, but his coach, Jerry Sloan, isn’t likely to be too amused if he ever sees this. Coach Sloan has a well-earned reputation for being a stern guy who always emphasizes tough defense and discipline, and he wouldn’t be pleased if he catches one of his players goofing off on the court like that.

But I think even professional players should be allowed to let loose with a belly laugh once in a while. After all, they call basketball a game. Games are supposed to be fun, right?

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Builder sacked over being naughty with a vacuum cleaner

March 15th, 2008

This might not be your typical housekeeping complaint but let’s hope you never catch this sort of “affair” in your building.

Apparently, a building worker was fired when he was caught with his pants down and, for use of a better word, “getting intimate” with the vacuum cleaner. Wait, it gets better! Or worse, whichever way you digest your bizarre news. After the security guard bumped into the Polish man, stark naked and getting his “evening delights” from the company equipment, what was his ultimate defense?

Vacuum cleaner

It was something along the lines of – there was nothing dodgy going on… no, no, where did you get this idea… no, everyone vacuums in their underwear in Poland.

Right! Remind me again, what’s the temperature in his homeland in winter? Sound like strip-worthy atmosphere to you?

And dress whichever way you want, just don’t stick bits of yourself into the smiling Henry.

No wonder the security guard asked him to clean the device!

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Dumbest thief ever!

March 12th, 2008

Here’s your dose of weird news for the day: imagine losing your camera-phone. As you mournfully gaze at the dust-lined square on the table, a lasting reminder of your gadget, beep goes your mail. And what do you know. Snugly attached to your email is a very unflattering photo of the thief!

Dumb thief

Well let’s start from the beginning. The victim of this techno-theft, (mikesub @ Flickr) was a rather enthusiastic member of Flickr and the like. And so, if anyone else uses his phone try to upload a picture on any of those sites using that same phone and fail, the actual owner will get a nifty copy of the picture. Which is just what happened!

So far, mikesub doesn’t know if it’s of the thief, his neighbor, disowned relative or partner. But it’s a start.

Talk about getting caught with your pants down.

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Hilarious Karma

March 4th, 2008

This is really classic!

First you get the irate bike owner ranting and raving about the woes of the world and all the bad people who steal from others. And then a passing tree-hugger points out the irony in his own actions.

Karma kills

This is absolutely funny… but then, here’s the most ironic bit. The wood and paper both used to be happy, unassuming trees until a strapping lumberjack had his way with them. If you are going to talk about innocent trees, perhaps you should think twice about attaching dead relatives to its body! I don’t think it needs to be reminded about tree genocide.

As a fellow human being, I’d be pretty freaked out if someone drilled or even pasted material made from human body on my body – I don’t care if it is varnished or recycled. (Kind of reminds you of that Conjoined Fetus Lady from South Park, doesn’t it?)

Yeah people, talk about Karma!

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Hey, baby, you are so cute. Let’s go make some babies

March 1st, 2008

Cute babies

“Hey, baby, you are so cute. Let’s go make some babies.”

I just love babies, they are so cute and adorable, but most importantly what they say is always so innocent!

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