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Amazing gas pumping robots

February 28th, 2008

Dutch inventors recently unveiled the world’s first automated car refueling robot, the TankPitstop. Just drive up next to it and it will fill your car’s gas tank and collect payment – almost like a traditional gas station attendant but this is certainly much cooler.

Gas pumping robots

Some car owners might understandably feel uncomfortable about letting the cold metal arm of the robot touch their nice shiny cars. What if the robot punches a hole in the wrong spot and fills your car trunk with gasoline? That would be a total disaster, right? But the makers of TankPitstop say that the machine is equipped with multiple sensors and a big database that allows it to identify and handle 80% of cars correctly.

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Dive and drive

February 24th, 2008

Check out this cool new concept car from Swiss car maker Rinspeed. It’s called the sQuba, and on the surface, it looks like an ordinary luxury sports car. But it’s special. For one, it doesn’t need a driver. It can drive itself! The car has a high-tech laser sensor system that allows it to “see” the road and avoid hitting obstacles like trees and innocent pedestrians.

sQuba, Scuba diving car

A self-driving car should be impressive enough, but this car can do much more. The most amazing thing about the sQuba is that, as the name implies, it can go underwater! Once submerged, it can “fly” around like a little submarine. How cool is that? Sounds like the perfect car, right?

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Virtual bubble wrap toy

February 19th, 2008

Do you have an eccentric buddy who just can’t get enough of bubble wrap? You know what I’m talking about… There you are, unpacking through cardboard boxes and wondering why you have to be the one to unpack the new fax machine when the “strange one” magically pops up (excuse the pun) at your elbow, pleading for the precious bubble wrap.

Virtual bubble wrap

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Eating in the toilet

February 16th, 2008

Valentine’s Day has just pasted. For many lovebirds around the world, a romantic candlelit dinner is the perfect way to celebrate. But you probably wouldn’t want to take your date to this particular Taipei restaurant.

Modern toilet

At first glance, the place looks like your normal cozy dining place. But if you look a bit more closely, you’ll notice that all the chairs here are actually toilet bowls. And the food comes in plastic containers shaped either like toilet bowls or traditional Chinese chamber pots! Not so hungry anymore, are you? 🙂

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Brilliant answer to a difficult math problem

February 11th, 2008

Last time when I was in school, calculus took the life out me. I see around me, I see everyone is completely comfortable with this weirdo branch of mathematics and in fact doing pretty well in the exam too. Unfortunately, I was the definite stigma among a bright Math oriented group of intelligent students, in fact, even until today I’m scared of this Math thing.

However, when I saw the following brilliant answer to such a difficult math problem, I immediately started to realize, I am not the lonely one in this lost world of Calculus. 🙂

Crazy maths

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Cool cat wigs

February 4th, 2008

Many pet owners like to dress up their pets. This is nothing unusual. Making your cat look like a feline drag queen is probably going too far though. But that’s exactly what some people want you to do. They even sell wigs for cats! Weird, right?

Oh noez! I has furball on mah head!

Cats aren’t the friendliest creatures. I can’t even put a collar on a cat without getting bloody scratches all over my arms. So how did these cat owners manage to get a wig on a cat’s head without risking life and limb? They must have slipped some kind of drugs into that can of tuna.

I bet the cat was royally pissed off when it woke up from its chemically induced stupor to find a giant wig sitting on its head. Seriously, does this cat look happy to you?

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