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Beautiful car dust art

August 9th, 2007

I believe you have seen all kinds of car paintings before. There are those who use high quality materials. Some painting techniques require single stage, base coat/clear coat paints, and top-of-the-line, multi-stage finishes. Some costs you a few hundred dollars while others cost up to a thousand or more. But, have you seen beautiful car dust paintings like the following?

Car painting

Amazing piece of artwork isn’t it? The subject looks like the old man from KFC! 🙂

Car artwork

Let’s see who’s the brilliant man behind all these masterpieces.

Car painter

That’s the creative director of the car dust painting project. The man who looks like Sayid from the LOST drama! Haha…

Car dust painting

You don’t need complicated tools to paint this. All you need is a car of course, and a paint brush. Oh, you need to leave your car idle for 2 years to collect enough dust first. Haha… that’s the difficult part.

Monalisa artwork

Mona Lisa artwork! I can’t even draw this on pencil and paper.


Let’s get kinky tonight! All sorts of artwork of different difficulty level can be done on dust painting. See a few more samples below.

Happy holidays


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