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Archive for July, 2007

Amazing fingernail fashion

July 29th, 2007

Trust me, these are fingernails that even Paris Hilton would want to get. Recently, Beijing played host to the International Fingernail Fashion Competition at China International Exhibition Center. If you think the fingernail fashions in China are nothing to shout about, then you are terribly wrong… as I said before even Paris Hilton would be amazed.

I got a total shock when I first saw the pictures. The artistic fingernails presented by the models are awesome and so extraordinary! Pictures are worth a thousand words, you see for yourself.


Not surprisingly, since this event was held in China, the artwork had lots of Chinese elements such as flowers and dragons.

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Cool Stuff

Malaysian transformers

July 25th, 2007

These are some pictures from an email which my friend sent to me. What else could it be other than Transformers? But it’s not just the usual transformers, they are made in Malaysia! Anyway, if they were true, I believe Proton will not have to seek partners anymore because their sales will become a record high, and Malaysians will all kick BMW, Mercedes and Toyota bye-bye!

Malaysian transformers

These are not Autobots anymore I guess. They will be called Protonbots and they are born from a plant in Kulim, Kedah!

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Cool Stuff, Funny Pictures

Two young ladies play in mud

July 23rd, 2007

Came across this beautiful picture of two young ladies playing in the mud at a mud bath center in China’s Tianjin Municipality. Apparently mud bath is very popular in China now, especially for the young ladies because mud bath is believed to have very special skin care element.

Mud bath

Although it looks kinda dirty and well muddy, but I guess I will want to try this therapy too. Why not, to me it looks quite fun and I am sure it will make my skin softer and smoother… haha.

Cool Stuff

Wedding of the year

July 19th, 2007

I hope you still remember about the tallest man in the world that we talked about a few months back. Well, if you don’t really remember, that doesn’t matter, you only need to know he’s the tallest man in the world and he has married a young Chinese girl not too long ago. This time we have a few nice pictures of the wedding, which some called as the wedding of the year.

Wedding of the year

Look at the tall man and his wife. You don’t see so much height difference in other couples, don’t you? I wonder how do they kiss and hug each other? Haha…

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Cool Stuff

The Intel joke

July 15th, 2007

This is a very funny joke I received some time ago from a friend. I believe it’s worth sharing… hope it will make your weekend a much better one. Enjoy… make sure you read till the end.

One politician, one thief and an INTEL Manager died. They went straight to hell. Don’t ask me why hell, but not heaven.


The politician said “I miss my country. I want to call my country and see how everybody is doing there.” She called and talked for about 5 minutes, then she asked “Well, devil how much do I need to pay for the call?”.

The devil said “Five million dollars”.

The politician wrote him a check immediately and went to sit back on her chair.

The thief saw all these and was so jealous, he started screaming, “My turn! I want to call my group members, I want to see how everybody is doing there too!”

He called and talked for about 2 minutes, then he asked “Well, devil, how much do I need to pay for the call? Make sure it’s cheap enough.”

The devil said “Ten million dollars”.

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Short Funny Jokes

Best job in the world: Condom testers

July 11th, 2007

Do you like your job? I bet you don’t. Who wants to drag out of her bed early in the morning and go to work for her boss only to make her boss richer? I don’t, that’s for sure!

But, I just found out the best job in the world. Unlucky for the female species, this position is only open to male only. What sex discrimination?! Anyway, for the male, this may be the only time in their careers they enjoy working under someone else. Haha… what position could this be other than Condom Testers?

Condom tester

This job offer is part of condom manufacturer, Durex’s advertising campaign in Australia for men to test its products.

Although the perks of the job are great, but the pay is not too attractive. The 200 selected testers would be up for a free pack of Durex condoms, plus a bonus prize of £425 for one lucky winner. But I believe most male species would not wait a second to apply for this job! It’s the best job in the world don’t forget. 🙂

Check out more info on Durex Australia.

Cool Stuff, Interesting News

Spain bull running festival

July 10th, 2007

Bull running festival

July is an exciting month in Spain. The festival of San Fermin, or the Pamplona bull running as it’s more commonly known outside of Spain officially begins on 6th July every year. Thousands pack into the narrow street to start the fiesta to honour Navarre capital’s patron saint, San Fermin.

Bull running

Usually the way to do this is to start off slowly when the bulls are still a safe distance behind. Then as they get nearer start running like like no tomorrow… You can then go near them for a short while, as near as you are prepared to risk hurting yourself, and then quickly get out of the way before the bull head you in your butt. Runners run for their life looking for a gap in the fence to slip through or jump over, or a space against the wall of the street.

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Bizarre, Cool Stuff

Get addicted on this useless toy

July 5th, 2007

Seriously, I had lots of fun playing with this useless flash toy. This toy is basically designed for people with no brain like myself… any dumb person can waste a whole day’s time playing this unproductive game. But hey, it’s so much of fun!

Ugly face

Can you create an uglier face than this?

This toy is pretty addictive too, at least on me… Try it and get addicted on Monoface, I dare you!

Cool Games, Cool Stuff