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Amazing space shuttle pictures!

April 6th, 2007

These are some extraordinary and never seen before space shuttle pictures. Enjoy…

External tank
External tank arrives by barge.

Space shuttle external tank

At the left is the vertical assembly building. The external tank is seen at the right in the picture.

Removing external tank
Removing the external tank from the carrier.

Vertical assembly building
The external tank enters the vertical assembly building (VAB).

External tank in VAB
The external tank in the VAB. Look at the size!

Lifting external tank
Lifting the external tank.

Solid rackets
Solid rackets are attached to the tank.

Engines are now being attached.

Space shuttle engines

Big engines
Big and complicated engines are attached to the shuttle in the shuttle processing facility (SPF).

Hugh shuttle engine

Discovery space shuttle
Discovery space shuttle in the vertical assembly building (VAB).

The shuttle has been moved to the VAB and will be attached to the external tank.


Space shuttle is attached
The shuttle is attached.

Discovery space shuttle

Priceless picture

Space shuttle pic

Payload preparation room
This is the payload preparation room.


Payload getting ready
Payload getting ready.

Payload carrier leaving
Payload carrier leaves the payload preparation room.

NASA building

Launch pad

Payload being moved to the launch pad.

Lifting payload
Lifting payload into position for insertion into Discovery when it arrives at the pad later.

Lifting shuttle payload

Discovery leaving

Discovery shuttle leaves the vertical assembly building.

Discovery leaving for launch pad
Discovery heading for the launch pad.

Magnificent Discovery
Discovery on the way, moving slowly.

Discovery arrives
Discovery arrives at the launch pad.

Discovery shuttle pic

Discovery shuttle picture

Ready for launching
Ready for the launching…

Discovery launches
The most exciting moment. Discovery launches into the space!

Discovery space shuttle

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  1. August 27th, 2009 at 04:55 | #1

    its amazing pictures..i really love it,now i know the preparation of iss discovery before launch.

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