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New concept links directory

March 30th, 2007

Submission to web directories is one of the best ways to get more traffic for your website. However, the problem is there are thousands if not tens of thousands of such directories and all of them are similar between one another. You can submit to all of them but you may not benefit much from the submission because your link is buried deep inside the directories, i.e. page number 8, which requires a search engine to crawl as many as 8 pages before reaching your link.

These old fashioned web directories sort sites that sign up with them according to popularity, submission date, Google Page Rank, or alphabetically.

Anyway, there is a new web directory that works according to your contribution amount. Big Web Links Bid Directory has introduced a new concept in web directories, that’s ranks websites by the amount of dollars contributed! This allows webmasters to easily control the position of listings in the directory.

Although this new concept links directory is pretty new, but I expect to see it regularly now because certainly a lot of webmasters will welcome the concept they promote. The site is also expected to have a very respectable Google PR soon.

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