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World’s tallest man, Bao Xishun has married

March 28th, 2007

The world’s tallest living man, Bao Xishun (鲍喜顺), 56, a 2.36-meter (7-ft, 9-inches) herdsman listed by Guinness World Records married a 29-year-old saleswoman on 24 March 2007. The saleswoman, Xia Shujuan stands at only 1.68 meter (5-ft 6-inches) tall is more than two feet shorter than his husband. Both of them come from Chifeng in Inner Mongolia.

Bao Xishun
Giant in the crowd.

Bao has been searching for a bride for the past few years. He sent out marriage advertisements across the world and going through a long selection process, the efforts have finally paid off. But what’s surprising is that his spouse is actually from his home town!

Sourced from Yahoo News: Home is where the heart is for world’s tallest man

Even the tall NBA basketball star, Yao Ming who is 7-ft and 5-inches tall loses out to Bao Xishun. Anyway, anyone wonder why hasn’t Bao been recruited by the NBA? Maybe because he is 55 years old now… On the other hand, Yao is still young and has a few years of growing left. Maybe he will catch up with Bao? What do you think? 🙂

The above two giants are from China. Now, let’s take a look at a list of the world’s tallest man. History provides a few pointers in this department. According to the Bible, the tallest man was Goliath at “six cubits and a span”, which, depending on which conversion you use, puts him somewhere between nine and a half and 11ft tall. Sadly though, the Bible was not peer-reviewed, so Goliath is disqualified.

Below is a more concrete list of the World’s Tallest People.

The tallest man on record is Robert Pershing Wadlow, an Illinois man who died at 2.71 meters in 1940 at the age of 22. Robert Wadlow was born in Alton in 1918, a normal-size baby, but soon his perky pituitary gland triggered abnormal growth.
John William (Willie) “Bud” Rogan began to grow very rapidly at the age of 13. This led to Ankylosis (stiffness of a joint), so eventually he could not stand or walk. His exact height was not measured until his death. At that time he measured 2.68 meters (8 ft 9 in) tall but weighed only 79 kg (175 pounds), making him the tallest African-American ever recorded.
John F. Carroll suffered from severe, 2-dimensional spinal curvature. He had a standing height of 2.44 meters (8-ft) on October 14, 1959, but his height would have been 2.64 meters (8-ft 7.75-inches), assuming normal curvature of the spine.
Bernard A. Coyne was born in 1897 and passed away in 1921. He’s from Anthon, Iowa, USA. Coyne was about 2.49 meters (8-ft 2-inches) tall at his death in 1921.
Donald A. Koehler (1925 – 1981), was born in Denton, Montana, USA. He was 2.49 meters. (8-ft 2-inches), but by the time he passed away he was only 2.39 meters. Most likely this was due to acromegalic gigantism.
Väinö Myllyrinne was born in 1909 in Helsinki, and died in 1963. He reached a height of 2.48 meters (8-ft 1.5-inches), and grew to this size due to suffering from acromegalic gigantism, a disease similar to the one John F. Carroll was suffering.
Finally we have a woman in the list. Zeng Jinlian (1964 – 1982) was the tallest woman ever recorded. Born in China with gigantism, she grew to a height of 2.48 meters (8-ft 1.5-inches), making her the tallest known woman. However, she could not stand up straight due to a severely deformed spine.
Patrick Cotter O’Brien (1760 – 1806) was born in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. His real name was Patrick Cotter and he adopted O’Brien as his stage name in the sideshow circuit. Also known as the Bristol Giant and the Irish Giant. His height was approximately 2.46 meters (8-ft 1-inch).
Julius Koch (1872 – 1902) who was also known as Le Geant Constantin, had an estimated height of 2.46 meters, (8-ft 0.8-inches). Koch was the star of an early short film, “The Giant Constantin” which was released in 1902.
Gabriel Estêvão Monjane was one of the tallest African. By the time he was 17, Mojane stood 7 feet and 10 inches. He joined a Portuguese circus around this age, and was billed as 8 feet 8 inches. When measured officially in 1987, Mojane was attributed with the height of 2.45 meters (8-ft 0.75-inches).

If you are any taller than any of them, please do let us know OK. 🙂

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  1. March 31st, 2007 at 11:46 | #1

    Forget the 7ft,let’s talk about the 9 inches:)

  2. tiffany
    May 5th, 2007 at 13:12 | #2

    if a man’s hmmm,organ is on avg. 10% his height, than bao has a 9.3 inch chinese love harpoon, two words for his short wife, lubricant and/or OUCH. she should have married an aussie at least she’d be marry a “little down under”:)

  3. bonnie
    May 5th, 2007 at 14:07 | #3

    That’s why she married! If I use that math (seems close by my experiences) she should marry that giant guy from ukraine who claims to be like 8’4″. 10% of his height,wow. That’s a 10 inch missle. Add two huge grenades!.
    That “Fire Power!” but it’s probably a two woman job to make him “Shoot his load”. Your math is 90% right by my guess. A U.S. man about 6′ tall who was named John Holmes, died in the 1980’s has the RECORD. What RECORD? Between his legs was the largest penis owned by a man.

  4. Walter Rosa
    July 13th, 2007 at 20:16 | #4

    In The City of Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil, there is man with 2.23 metters, try to find information about him.

  5. LBEST
    August 17th, 2009 at 06:38 | #5

    Robert Pershing Wadlow tenia 272 cm segun guinness of the records,no 271.He is,the tallest man ever ever ever

  6. Colin
    January 24th, 2010 at 21:35 | #6

    What a bunch of dirty-minded adolescents you guys are. In any case you are quite misinformed. A majority of giants have unusually small sexual organs, and many of them never reach puberty, and consequently couldn’t use it whatever its size.

  7. March 11th, 2011 at 10:51 | #7

    Amazing article, cheers, I will visit again now.

  8. June 11th, 2011 at 10:39 | #8

    It’s awesome that there is someone out there for everyone. even if you are a 7 ft something someone… Remember the super cool story about him saving the dolphins?

  9. Sasha
    September 24th, 2011 at 17:46 | #9

    Thanks alot Colin! 🙁 Us girls were having a good time!

  1. July 19th, 2007 at 04:12 | #1
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