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Eye on Malaysia Pictures

January 23rd, 2007

Still remember some time ago I showed you some pictures of this great ferris wheel located in Malaysia – the country its people called the Bolehland? Just to refresh our memory, the ferris wheel is called Eye on Malaysia because their government wants the whole world to focus on the country and of course to visit them, in conjunction with their Visit Malaysia Year.

Guess what, a friend of mine emailed me some really cool pictures of the ferris wheel. Even better than last time! Must see!!

Ferris wheel Malaysia

So beautiful. These beautiful pictures are only available on 🙂

Fireworks display

The Eye on Malaysia looks magnificent with the fireworks display in the background.

Beautiful fireworks

More great fireworks. Make the skyline bright and colorful.

Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel

Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel

Anyone want to join me on a tour to Malaysia? 🙂

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