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Awesome Table Tennis Equipments

November 29th, 2006

If you are like myself who is a avid table tennis lover, and have been looking around for a good supply for your table tennis equipments, then you will know the frustration. It’s just so difficult to get hold of good table tennis equipments in the local sports store… unless you are from China of course :).

Table tennis robot

Anyway, the frustration ends today after I came across this website. Total Table Tennis supplies a large range of table tennis gears, from ping pong tables and ping pong accessories to robots even! If you have never heard of table tennis robots, then you should really come to this page and have a look. These robots are not those you see in movies, but these untiring training partners are here to help you train to become a better table tennis player!

If you are in the US, then you are in real luck. Total Table Tennis can ship to your door for free! However, if you are from another part of the world, then you will need to get in touch with them to get an exact quote including the delivery charges.

So, let’s get some table tennis gears and start the fun! Happy playing!

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