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Dice Mogul

November 24th, 2006

Dice Mogul is a must play for monopoly lovers! But, before you read further, let me warn you first; Dice Mogul is a very addicting board game that once you start playing, you can’t get your butt off the chair and will play days and nights non stop!

Dice Mogul

Dice Mogul takes you around the game board buying and developing property! Play against 3 computer opponents as you race around a circular game board buying everything in sight, then building houses, hotels, and landmarks to get the most money out of whoever lands on them.

For more advanced play, Dice Mogul gives you several unique powerups you can use to steal properties from your opponents, send them to the hospital, and even influence your dice roll. These are the secrets to winning the game when the competition gets tough.

This board game is simple to play but hard to stop playing. It’s fun and addictive!

Play Dice Mogul now.

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