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Best Card Tricks

August 28th, 2006

Look at how this dude changes a blue card to a red card. Cool?

Best Card Trick

I don’t know a thing about performing card tricks, although I love watching them like everyone does. Do you think it’s an edited video or you have any idea how it’s done?

Enjoy the magic!

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  1. Henry
    February 26th, 2007 at 16:51 | #1

    tips of trick:

    1. Setting Card : 1st get 1 blue card n 1 red card which same flower and number. Blue on bottom red on top.
    2. Then place the rest of red card on top of the “setting card”.

    get it? no? lets see more…

    when he spread the card, the bottom few card is not spread, jz spread on the middle part.

    then choose any card from the middle.

    “say stop any time … bla bla bla…” pay attention how he shuffle the card…
    ==> just the top part of card be shuffle to the other hand (left hand)…means.. the bottom part of card with your “setting card” – the last 2 card, is still at your right hand.

    then put back the “chosen card” on top of the card of your left hand.

    then put the rest of card on your right hand on top.

    get the 1st part trick now?

    yes… the “blue card” which at the most bottom on your right now will be on top of the “chosen card”.

    now spread the card, your will find the blue card at the middle.

    see the way he collect the card when show the blue card ==> the left part with the blue card on top as 1 deck (i called it deck A), then the right part after the blue card as 1 deck (i called it deck B), this deck B will be put under the deck A.

    more clear on the 1st part trick?

    yes, remember the “setting card”? now the “red setting card” will be last card of whole deck card and the “blue setting card” will be at the top of the deck.

    now is time to flip the blue card to show it to your spectator….

    still remember when you put the “chosen card” at the middle of the deck? where is it? yes, is at the bottom of the blue card (the second card of the deck)… so remember when you flip the blue card, actually you are flipping 2 card together…. see the show how he flip the card. Get it? This the 1st part of the trick.

    Now the second part.

    Now you shuffle the card again… remember… just shuffle the top part card to your other hand (left hand)….

    so the bottom “setting card” – the “red setting card” will still remain at the bottom on your right hand.

    “say stop anytime… bla bla bla” when your spectator say stop, show him/her the bottom
    card of your right hand and ask to remember it (this the 2nd chosen card)

    yes, you should able to get the trick now.

    do some acting searching for another blue card… it didnt show up… lets check the previous blue card that put one side…. MAGIC !!! it change from the 1st “chose card” to 2nd “chosen card”……

    congratulation… u know the trick now.

    … remember !!!

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