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Sports Bra for Active Women in Sports

March 21st, 2006

The Science of Sports Bra: Shock Absorber

Science has always played a big part in making sports bra what it is today. In fact, the brand Shock Absorber was launched in 1995 after research by Edinburgh University found that wearing a sports bra during exercise reduced breast movement by 50% – delaying long term sagging.

Shock Absorber Bra

The Shock Absorber site has a very nicely done simulator that shows you how greatly your breasts move when you are in sports. It is very simple to use the simulator, which consists of 2 easy steps:

1. Choose your cup size.
2. Choose your level of activity. Light (yoga, weight training), Medium (cycling, snow sports), High (basketball), Extreme (Running, Horseriding)

After you have made your choices, the simulator will generate an animation that shows you the differences between not wearing any bra, wearing normal bra, and wearing Shock Absorber. Of course the system will automatically suggests what type of Shock Absorber bra is the most suitable for your cup size and activity level.

Sports Bra

Studies reveals the following percentage of bounce reduction with normal bra and Shock Absorber bra:

  A Cups C Cups
Normal bra 41.6% 40.9%
Shock Absorber (on average) 60.7% 53.2%

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    Less bounce per ounce.

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