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Banned Microsoft XBOX 360 Ad

November 26th, 2005

Microsoft has launched a big advertising campaign for their next generation game console, the Xbox 360. While the Xbox 360 is publishing itself globally through news sites and other channels, they also have ads running.

Xbox 360 ads
Xbox 360 ad by Microsoft

There is one particular new Xbox 360 advertisement that Microsoft is refusing to air. Well, I personally think probably it is the best ad Microsoft has ever done. It is sad that the lawyers stopped them from airing the ad, but if Microsoft was smart, this would be airing in every movie theatre world.

Jump in to view this ads on YouTube. While you are there, notice the right column “Related Videos” for some other cool Xbox videos.

Notice the Xbox 360 logo at the end of the clip, just so you know what the ad is for, and the big “Jump in” tagline asks you to join the Xbox 360 fun 😀

News source from Inside Microsoft.

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